WebPagetest on real mobile devices

AMP Web is the first mobile integration of the popular WebPagetest tool.
It gives unparalleled performance data for your mobile website pulled from real devices.

    • Real Devices & User Conditions:Test your webpage on real browsers, devices and network conditions. Support is provided for iOS, Android and Kindle.
    • Powerful Performance Measurement: Get rich diagnostics including resource loading waterfall charts, page speed optimization checks, video capture and suggestions for improvements.
    • Benchmark Against Competitors: Compare results to your sites’ top competitors. Where are they beating you? What’s holding you back?

    webtest 2

    • Use the WebPagetest API with AMP Web: If you’re using a private instance of WebPagetest, you can add mobile devices seamlessly to the same set-up with AMP Web. Use the powerful WebPagetest API without making any changes to your current development processes.