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Announcing AMP — the Appurify Mobile Platform!

February 4, 2014 · Jay Srinivasan

Today we officially launched the Appurify Mobile Platform (AMP)—an enterprise-grade platform that allows companies to automate testing and performance optimization of their mobile projects across any device and in any real-world conditions. With its open API, the AMP works across any automation framework and CI server, rapidly providing valuable data to developers early in the development lifecycle.

AMP Diagram

Some of the  features you’ll be seeing in AMP include:

  • Automation on real devices and real user conditions: Visibility on how apps perform across a comprehensive set of devices, carriers, signal strengths, operating systems, memory levels, locations and device orientations
  • Easily integrates into your development cycle: Quality should be addressed early in the development process, and the Appurify API allows developers to seamlessly integrate real device testing as part of their existing development process
  • Depth of data: Identifies the severity and impact of problems that need further research, and track trends over time—this includes network capture details, crash reports, frames per second, CPU/memory data and video.

We developed AMP to address the growing need amongst developers and organizations to identify and address mobile performance issues, early in the development process, enabling faster and higher quality releases—according to our report “The State of Mobile Development & Performance in 2014,” an overwhelming majority of developers (nearly 90%) have seen a direct connection between the performance of their apps and the reviews and ratings they receive in the app stores.

With AMP’s automated analysis across a comprehensive set of real devices and user conditions in our industry leading device lab, development, quality, ops and management teams can now get the visibility and actionable intelligence they need to shorten dev cycles, maintain brand credibility and build better mobile experiences.

For more details on the news, see today’s press release.