Appurify + Google
We’re thrilled to announce that Appurify is joining Google.

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The World’s Most Advanced Mobile Device Cloud

Simulators and emulators only tell you so much.
Run your app or website on real iOS and Android devices—With total control over OS versions, network conditions and more.

Data You’ve Never Seen Before

Know what matters before you launch. Use our detailed reports to find performance and functional issues like bugs, network bottlenecks, and potential stability problems. Track your builds over time to see how much you’re improving.

Unparalleled Integration

Appurify seamlessly plugs into your existing development process. This includes support for every iOS and Android automated test framework, and all popular continuous integration systems.

Jump Start Automation

No scripts? No problem. Appurify will get you started by creating a test suite with the critical paths in your app. Combined with the Appurify Robot app crawler, we deliver thousands of user sessions, without the users!

Manual Testing on Steroids

Amp your current manual testing efforts. Appurify captures video, crash reports, logs, network traffic and performance data from all your manual tests. Never close a bug ticket due to insufficient information again.