Appurify Mobile Platform

Mobile users expect your app or website to perform at its best. If it doesn’t, they won’t give you a second chance. You have to get it right the first time.

AMP (Appurify Mobile Platform) is the mobile app optimization solution that boosts the quality and performance of mobile apps and sites pre-release, in a controlled, measurable environment. With automated analysis across a comprehensive set of real devices and user conditions, dev, QA, ops and management teams can now get the visibility and actionable intelligence they need to shorten dev cycles, maintain brand credibility, and build better mobile experiences.


Run functional and performance tests out of the box on real devices, using any existing iOS or Android test framework.


Obtain a complete view into how you’re performing on real devices, form factors, networks and more.


Quickly get data to pinpoint issues, and provide intelligence back to development.


Get comprehensive device coverage from day 1, and scale to support new devices with ease.

No Lock-In

Hook AMP into your continuous integration system and your existing automation tools. No changes to your development process.

Real Conditions

Identify errors that will happen in the real world (network, memory, location, orientation) you can’t find any other way.

Incredible Technology

At the heart of AMP is Appurify’s device lab, and it’s supporting technology: a secure data center filled with iOS and Android phones and tablets. Backed by 13 filed patents, we’ve put in the work to make the world’s best, API accessible, scalable, stable, user-condition configurable device lab, so you don’t have to. Say goodbye to the time and money required to maintain your own lab, and focus on building great customer experiences.