AMP Auto

Ready to implement automation or boost your existing investments? AMP Auto is the easiest way to run mobile automation on real devices. Run any existing iOS or Android automation framework on AMP, and catch bugs early in the development process.

No automation scripts? No problem. The Appurify Robot app crawler, and our JumpStart program will help you achieve automation with no coding required.


  • API Accessible and Flexible: Kick off your automated tests through our web interface, or use our API to run automated tests straight from your existing development workflow and continuous integration system.

  • Never Before Seen Data: AMP Auto captures full video, test output, fully symbolicated crash reports and logs, all HTTP and HTTPs traffic, and performance data including CPU usage, memory usage, disk usage, and load times for every run. We also support advanced data capture including system tracing and profiling, FPS, response time to touch, and much more.

  • Real User Conditions Profiles: Run tests against the mobile environment profiles that are most important to your customers. Identify performance issues across thousands of environmental combinations covering the user’s device, connection, network carrier and signal strength, memory, screen orientation, location and more.

  • Robot And Critical Path Script Creation: Every company has essential user flows such as a login or checkout process. Appurify will work with your team to identify the critical paths your customers take, and write the automation scripts for you. Combined with the Appurify Robot app crawler, scale your automation efforts and get data back quickly.

  • Existing Automation on Real Devices: Run your existing functional automation tests out of the box on multiple devices at the same time. AMP Auto supports all popular automation frameworks:


    • UI Automation
    • Calabash
    • Appium
    • KIF
    • Submliminal
    • Jasmine
    • GHUnit
    • KIWI
    • OCUnit
    • WebDriver
    • Siesta
    • Frank
    • OCMock
    • Zucchini


    • Roboelectric
    • WebDriver
    • Siesta
    • Appium
    • Calabash
    • Robotium
    • UIAutomator
    • Selendroid
    • Spoon
    • Espresso